Napa Valley Marathon

Napa Valley Marathon 2013

The Napa Valley Marathon Expo was a great kickoff for RYP Wear 2013. We enjoyed the people, the wine, and the weather! Many thanks to Expo Director Julie Fingar and to Michaela Burgess for helping at the booth. Kelly McCloskey was the winner of the raffle and will receive the skirt of her choice.

This is a destination marathon! People from Maryland, North Carolina, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, Phoenix, and Indiana, just to name a few, visited with us at the RYP Wear booth! The folks from Alaska said winter training is on the tread mill and outside as long is it’s above 20 degrees with spiked shoes! We had golfers, runners, tennis and bridge players buy skirts and headbands. Apparently RYP Wear isn’t just for running! There were also visits from a few members of the Sheveland Ranch family and our own local runners, Rena and Mark Lanz and Ling Chu! Looking forward to Way Too Cool next weekend!