RYP Wear Runner – Michaela Burgess

RYP Wear Trail Runner of the Week

I continue to meet and get to know our local running community through RYP Wear and trail running.  What I’m impressed with is how interesting, unique, and genuinely cool you all are. However, I do encounter trail runners I’ve not had the opportunity to get to know beyond face or name recognition. Figuring you all might be having the same experience I thought I would highlight a RYP Wear trail runner each week.

Michaela Burgess - RS Aid Station

Michaela Burgess – RS Aid Station, RDL 100 Miler 2015

This week’s pick is Michaela Burgess. I selected Michaela because a  photo of her wearing the Garseeya Navy White Race Skirt while running the Rio Del Lago 100 mile endurance run is in the January 2016 Ultra Running Magazine.  So here are a few things you may not know about Michaela.

• Running makes her feel: ALIVE!
• She’s training for: LIFE AND LAKE SONOMA 50
• On long runs she eats: REAL FOOD – KIND BARS
• Electrolyte Drink: NONE, JUST WATER
• Favorite RYP Wear Skirt: Currently the GARSEEYA NAVY WHITE RACE SKIRT
• Who’s her trail posse? She jokingly replied “I’m a TRAIL SLUT who enjoys running with variety of different peeps.” Can I say I just love that!!!

Michaela said if you see her on the trail, don’t hesitate to say Hi, she would love to chat.

Michaela – Thanks so much for being the RYP Wear Trail Runner of the week.

Happy Trails,


RYP Wear – The John Muir Trail

RYP  Wear hiked the John Muir Trail with Elke Reimer-Truscott. She trekked 204 miles over 10 days. Here’s what Elke had to say…

Elke on the JMT

Elke on the JMT

Sandra, your skirt was a HIT on the JMT. Seriously, even men liked it! A USFS JMT trail crew, working at 13,200′ prying a steel bar to move boulders (a.k.a. very tough chick!) said she thought it was “rad.” And the pockets were so valuable – everything from lip balm to Jolly Ranchers and even my camera fit in them. Perfection. Thank you so much! It goes in my Hall of Fame trail attire collection.

RYP Wear – Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

It has been an exceptional summer for RYPWear! Three ladies, Luanne Park, Bettie Smith, and Barb Ashe, wore RYPWear skirts while running Western States.


Luanne Park Climbing out of Squaw Valley

Luanne Park, also sponsored by Auburn Running Company,  wore the “LooCanRun” prototype and beat the 24 hour mark!
Bettie Smith won the Western States over 60 age division and had the following to say about her RYPWear skirt.

Bettie Smith WS Hwy 49 Crossing

Bettie Smith WS Hwy 49 Crossing

Hi Sandra,

I wore one of your skirts on Western States and wanted to let you know that it performed beautifully, for the entire distance whether it was wet or dry, and it garnered truly an unbelievable number of comments and inquiries. At all daylight aid stations people asked where it came from and during the day and night other runners, both male and female, said how much they liked it.

“That’s the cutest skirt I’ve ever seen”
“You’re the second most colorful person out here, behind Tutu Man.
“You’re totally rocking that outfit” (not something a 60+ woman hears very often:-) Where did you get that skirt? (countless times)

Thanks for your part in making my WS memorable and thanks for a great product (and those pockets are the best). I hope you get lots of orders!



Barb Ashe, always an inspiration, coming up out of Squaw Valley. You go girl!

Barb Ashe WS 100 2013.


Napa Valley Marathon

Napa Valley Marathon 2013

The Napa Valley Marathon Expo was a great kickoff for RYP Wear 2013. We enjoyed the people, the wine, and the weather! Many thanks to Expo Director Julie Fingar and to Michaela Burgess for helping at the booth. Kelly McCloskey was the winner of the raffle and will receive the skirt of her choice.

This is a destination marathon! People from Maryland, North Carolina, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, Phoenix, and Indiana, just to name a few, visited with us at the RYP Wear booth! The folks from Alaska said winter training is on the tread mill and outside as long is it’s above 20 degrees with spiked shoes! We had golfers, runners, tennis and bridge players buy skirts and headbands. Apparently RYP Wear isn’t just for running! There were also visits from a few members of the Sheveland Ranch family and our own local runners, Rena and Mark Lanz and Ling Chu! Looking forward to Way Too Cool next weekend!

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