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Sandra Ross – Founder

My love of the earth and outdoors came at a young age, hence my 25 year career as a Professional Geologist.  Fitness was not part of my life until my late 20’s when I began to reflect on my past, present, and future and realized I had some big questions to answer…Go left? Go right? Stay the course? Did I deserve to be more?

You would think the answer would be simple, but often we have to dig deep to say “yes”.  I looked in the mirror and decided I did deserve to Reach My Potential!  I didn’t have much of a fitness foundation so I had some work to do. The trails of Mt. Diablo State Park were right out my back door, so I got on my Mt. Bike and rode a little further and a little higher up the Black Diamond Mine Trail each day. One day I pushed and pushed, found the spin of the bike and made it to the top! It was in that moment, when I could no longer hear the noise in my head, that I understood the physical-mental connection; strong body – strong mind.

In the mid-90’s I was crewing Tom, my step Dad, at the Western States 100 mile endurance run when I met JR, my husband-to-be who was also running the race. I thought those Ultra runners were amazing, but nuts. Truly I was in awe and secretly thought maybe…someday.  I started running after our daughter was born. I ran one 50k distance in 2003, but couldn’t maintain consistency, so in early 2005 I hired a running coach. Julie worked with me to establish realistic near and long term goals.  During a long training run, the power of the physical-mental connection was renewed for me and the Reach Your Potential (RYP Wear) seed was planted.

Sandra and Claire WS 2010 Finish

Sandra Ross
2010 – Western States 100 Finish

In 2007 I completed my 1st 100K (Miwok) and 100 mile run (Rio Del Lago) and my dream goal was completed in 2010 when I ran the Western States 100 mile endurance run. I’ve run 30 Ultra’s, 1,000’s of trail training miles, and have gone through tons of shorts, shirts, and skirts that didn’t fit and definitely didn’t look good! RYP Wear now grows from my passion to stay fit and to create athletic wear that fits, functions, and looks really great to inspire me and hopefully you to go the distance!


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