RYP Wear Runner – Michaela Burgess

RYP Wear Trail Runner of the Week

I continue to meet and get to know our local running community through RYP Wear and trail running.  What I’m impressed with is how interesting, unique, and genuinely cool you all are. However, I do encounter trail runners I’ve not had the opportunity to get to know beyond face or name recognition. Figuring you all might be having the same experience I thought I would highlight a RYP Wear trail runner each week.

Michaela Burgess - RS Aid Station

Michaela Burgess – RS Aid Station, RDL 100 Miler 2015

This week’s pick is Michaela Burgess. I selected Michaela because a  photo of her wearing the Garseeya Navy White Race Skirt while running the Rio Del Lago 100 mile endurance run is in the January 2016 Ultra Running Magazine.  So here are a few things you may not know about Michaela.

• Running makes her feel: ALIVE!
• She’s training for: LIFE AND LAKE SONOMA 50
• On long runs she eats: REAL FOOD – KIND BARS
• Electrolyte Drink: NONE, JUST WATER
• Favorite RYP Wear Skirt: Currently the GARSEEYA NAVY WHITE RACE SKIRT
• Who’s her trail posse? She jokingly replied “I’m a TRAIL SLUT who enjoys running with variety of different peeps.” Can I say I just love that!!!

Michaela said if you see her on the trail, don’t hesitate to say Hi, she would love to chat.

Michaela – Thanks so much for being the RYP Wear Trail Runner of the week.

Happy Trails,